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Questions about our Lesson Program

What is the best age for a child to begin lessons?
Every child is unique.  We find that ages 5-6 are a great age.  Because our lessons are private the student gets undivided attention. Our teachers are trained to customize each lesson to meet that students learning style.

As a parent, can I sit in on the lesson?
Absolutely!  When the parent is involved and is learning along with the child it helps the child with practicing at home. Not all parents and children benefit from this as some students do better when parent is not in the room.  However we have seating outside our rooms so you can still listen in and learn!

How do lessons at Hilton Music Center work?
We offer private 30 minute sessions once per week.  We charge by the month or by 4 weeks periods.

I just retired am I too old to start lessons?

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