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String Instrument Repair

Experience expert repairs on just about any stringed instrument. Work with our trained technicians to get the your instrument playing it's best and to meet your playing expectations.
*Set ups on all instruments
*Installation of tuners
*Strap lock install
*Pick up install and wiring
*Cracks and separation reglues
*Fret work and neck resets
*Customized nut and saddle

Band Instrument Repair

Hilton Music Center offers repairs on all band instruments. We also have a good selection of new and used band instruments.  All of our instruments  new or used will have a 1 year guaranty
Please call for available stock 518-459-9400

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Service Departments

Can repairs done whle I wait?
We will always try to do an on the spot repair for emergency customers- a gig that night or concert.  This of course depends if the time allows and we have a tech on hand.  Usually if you need a string installed or a quick neck adjustment we can make it happen.

How long does it take for band instrument repairs and what is the cost?
Band instrument repairs have to be evaluated by the technician only.  The technician can let you know directly once the instrument is on the bench. Typically it may take a week or 2 depending on the time of year and what needs to be done. If you have an emergency repair needed for a concert or gig our technician will do their best to get the repair done asap.

Are repairs done in the store?
Most of our stringed instruments will be done right in the store.

Do you fix violins-violas and cellos?
Yes!  If you need just a restring we can usually get the job done within a few days.  More elaborate repairs  will take longer.

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