Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Amp - 30w 2x6.5 in. - 761294509586
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Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Amp - 30w 2x6.5 in.

Roland JC-22 Overview


A more home-friendly and portable version of the JC-40, the Roland JC-22 is a 30W combo amplifier with two 6.5" speakers designed to deliver clean tones for electric guitar. The unit features a three-band tone stack and a bright switch, as well as reverb and chorus capability. A set of dual inputs can be used for stereo purposes, such as connecting a stereo-output effects unit, or a guitar or synth with stereo output.

Turn your attention to the back of the amp and you'll notice multiple options for connectivity: An effects loop (switchable between series and parallel) will allow you to patch in stereo effects, while dual line outputs provide a convenient stereo feed into mixers, PAs, or recorders. You can achieve silent stereo sound for practicing by using the 1/4" headphone jack.

By connecting a separately available latch-type footswitch (such as the FS-5L, FS6, FS-7), you can turn the onboard chorus and reverb effects on and off with the tap of a toe.


  • Roland JC clean tone in a compact combo
  • Stereo 30W amp with 2 x 6.5" speakers
  • Stereo input for stereo sound with modelers and stereo effects pedals
  • Dimensional space chorus effect for expansive stereo sound
  • High-quality reverb effect
  • Footswitch jacks for turning onboard effects on/off
  • Stereo effects loop for connecting external effects

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