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Fender Vintage stratocaster 1962 3 Tone Sunburst


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This beautiful 1962 Vintage Fender stratocaster has been appraised by Mandolin Brothers in NJ by Stan himself a few years ago and have the appraisal paperwork providing it's authenticity of being a 1962 Fender .   All original guitar, case and hang tag but one input jack which original is in the case.  Also the bridge had been replaced and two of the pick ups the middle and the bridge have been rewired in May 2016 by Lindsy Frailn, (who did an amazing job true to the period wiring and such ), and have the paperwork for that as well. The back plate is original and in the case minus backplate screws. Absolutely great playing and now sounding guitar . Note to buyer, the reason it had been brought to Mandolin brothers was because there is not a date in any cavity nor on the base of neck which is why I had it authenticated  prior to listing it for the new owner.

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