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Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal


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BOSS BB-1X Overview


Bring punch and definition to your bass tone with the BOSS BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal. The BB-1X can be used as a standard drive pedal for your bass for when you want to add some extra gain. The pedal's natural-sounding distortion maintains the definition, dynamics, and finest details of your tone. With the line-level TRS output you can also use it to define your main tone by always leaving it on to go directly to a studio or stage console as a DI. On the outside, the BB-1X has the familiar BOSS chassis with an added reflective accenting on the control panel. While the pedal provides basic Level, Blend, Low, High, and Drive controls to adjust your sound, there's a lot more going on under the hood.


MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing)
MDP analyzes playing dynamics and frequency information in real time to provide the best tone for each note played. Many conventional drive pedals have a tendency to sound great in one register or style of play, but as soon as you shift away from that register that great tone is no longer. For example, you can have an ideal tone for the lower strings, but as soon as you move to the higher strings, you get a thin response. To compensate for this, you usually need another pedal to use for your lead sound. The BB-1X's MDP uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to dynamically adjust the frequency response and feel of your playing, regardless of gain setting. This way, you can have your ideal tight low-string tone, and when you shift to higher registers, the MDP will seamlessly fatten up your tone, preventing an overly thin sound, as well as preventing the lower registers from becoming muddy. Additional benefits of MDP's analysis include improved string-to-string response and dynamics. Even with high gain settings, individual notes in complex chords ring out without getting lost in a mess of sludge
Classic BOSS Design
The BB-1X can run off of a single 9V battery or an optional external 9 VDC power supply. The electronics are encased in BOSS's iconic durable metal housing with a non-slip rubber base. The battery compartment can be easily accessed by unscrewing the thumbscrew at the front of the pedal. This pedal utilizes a buffered bypass for silent switching and driving long cable runs, even while the pedal is disengaged
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