Yamaha Rydeen 5 piece shell pack 20 bass drum Sky Blue - 889025155571
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Yamaha Rydeen 5 piece shell pack 20" bass drum Sky Blue

The Yamaha Rydeen (5-piece shell pack) is an excellent choice for any beginner or intermediate player looking to get into the world of Yamaha drums. This drum set utilizes Yamaha hardware featuring genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps and features 6-ply, 100% Poplar shells that dish out warm, full, articulate tones that shine from your bedroom practice jam to the local stage.

  • 6-ply 100% Poplar Shells produce warm, full and articulate tones
  • Genuine Yamaha Tom Ball and Pipe Clamps for maximum adjustability, versatility and non-slip reliability
  • Powerstroke P3-style Bass Drum Head for a punchy and tight sound
  • Matching steel bass drum hoops with matching color inlays to maintain a uniform look
  • Matching 14" x 5.5" wood snare drum for a complete set
  • 1.5mm Triple-Flanged Steel Hoops contribute to a more open sound with longer sustain
  • Includes: 5-piece shell pack with 20” bass drum: 20” x 16” bass drum, 10” x 7” and 12” x 8” mounted toms, 14” x 13” floor tom, 14” x 5.5” snare drum, and 2 CL-940LB tom mounts.
  • Cymbal stands, cymbal hardware, snare stand, and bass drum pedal not included

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